Be ready for the BEST experience of your life!

Have you ever dreamt of visiting the wonderful city of love? Of learning how to party the French way? All of that while learning about Space Research and Astrophysics ?

Who are we?

LBG CentraleSupelec is a group of friends closer than a family. We love meeting new people, travelling abroad and of course we love to party! We are here to make this event really fun for you and give you an amazing experience with French people.

Discover the secrets of the city of love

Whether you want to visit La Tour Eiffel, the Champs Élysées or the Louvre museum, Paris is eager to meet you in person and have you discover its secrets. Welcome to the country with BEST food and drinks in the world!

Work Hard

Ladies and Gentlemen, embark with us on a journey to explore the fascinating realm of Space Research. More than just a scientific endeavor, it opens up possibilities in a wide range of areas. In our case, we will delve into its significance within the field of Astrophysics. The space research sector is gaining increasing attention, surpassing even the latest "internet" trends. While space exploration has traditionally been associated with technological advancement, we propose to examine it through an anthropological lens: its profound implications for the understanding of human existence in the cosmos. With exceptional educators and renowned experts, acquire the knowledge and expertise necessary to propel humanity into a future of space exploration and discovery!

Play Hard

But don’t worry! We have planned some halt during our journey: activities, city rallies and of course, parties! Your days will be filled with paintball, escape games, visits… while your nights will host the craziest parties of your life. Nine nights, nine parties, nine blackouts. if you dare!
So don’t be shy and just apply to the Spring course Navigating through space with CentraleSupelec starship !

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