EBEC 2022

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The EBEC (European BEST Engineering Competition) is the largest engineering competition in Europe during which more than 6500 engineering students compete. This competition is organized by BEST ( Board of European Students of Technology) which promotes cooperation and exchange between about 100 universities and engineering schools across 34 European countries and about one million students!

The EBEC Paris-Saclay, organized by BEST CentraleSupélec - Cercle Europe with the support of Université Paris-Saclay, is the first part of this competition. It will take place on March 24 at CentraleSupélec. Winning it allows to qualify for the next round and the 3 first teams receive 1200€ to share per challenge. In addition, if you qualify for the European finals, we will pay for your accommodation and transportation! This competition is also an opportunity to use one's knowledge to solve real multidisciplinary problems in teams. Participating also offers a privileged contact with professionals and the opportunity to show them your skills !

The challenges

Case study: This involves solving a theoretical and interdisciplinary problem from the real world in a limited time. The case study will be proposed by Tennaxia, a consulting firm and innovative software publisher. The objective of this year's case study will be to rethink a website. Indeed there are thousands of them in the environment in which we live, but how to make Tennaxia's website stand out from the crowd? Using company literature, candidates will be asked to propose a site architecture that includes innovative ideas to target Tennaxia's wide range of customers..

Innovative Design: Use your knowledge and creativity to create or improve a solution to a problem. This year's theme is cyber security. You will have to imagine a solution to protect connected CO2 sensors (prototypes provided). This challenge will be proposed by the company Schlumberger, one of the world's leading multinational energy company . The topic will be given 4 days before to let the teams think about it beforehand. The deadline for registering for Team Design is March 20.

How to register

Registration to the EBEC is totally free and open to students from all engineering schools of the University of Paris-Saclay and the Plateau de Saclay. Students can apply in teams of 4 people in one of the categories: Case study or Innovative design. These challenges are proposed by the companies themselves.

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Partner companies of the event


Schlumberger is a leading multinational energy company focused on advancing sustainability and green transition in the oil industry. Schlumberger provides breakthrough technologies that enable cleaner, safer access to energy around the world. Their goal is to define and drive high performance in the energy sector in a sustainable manner. They provide their customers with richer data and deeper insights to increase their customers' performance. With their digital capability, they are a world leader in this field.

More information on the website: Schlumberger


Software publisher and consulting firm, Tennaxia helps companies to manage their Corporate Social Responsibility approach to improve their regulatory compliance and performance in a sustainable way. To do this, Tennaxia combines the human element with the tool by offering tailor-made consulting services and a modular software platform to its customers.

More information on the website: Tennaxia

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